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Jorge Perez-Albela

"The Time is Now" Featuring Sissy Castrogiovanni

with Tim Ray, Jesse Williams, Santiago Paredes, Lihi Haruvi

and Phil Grenadier

Manu Records, 2020

Sissy Castrogiovanni


Manu Records, 2020

Tal Gamlieli, featuring Avishai Cohen


Records DK, 2017


Mehemet Ali Sanilkol

"A story of the city: Constantinople, Istanbul"

Dunya Music, 2011

Peter Kenagy

'Double Happiness"

Daddy Kool Records, 2010


Bert Seager

"Lima Beans"

Invisible Music, 2009


Sofia Rei 

"Sube Azul"

World Village/ Harmonia Mundi, 2009


Bert Seager - Anita Diamant - Rebecca Shrimpton


Invisible Music, 2008


Sol y Canto

"Cada dia un regalo"

Amador Music, 2008


Dan Blake

'The Party Suite"

Independent, 2006


The Jarrett Cherner Trio


Baldhill, 2005


Sofia Rei 


Sofia Music, 2005


Peter Kenagy

'Little Machines"

Fresh Sound New Talent, 2003

Anexo 3

with Gonzalo Ruiz and Hector Llosa


EMI, 1988



Photo by Yuri Russo

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