Music and Videos

The Jorge Perez-Albela Group

with Sissy Castrogiovanni, Jah Baba, Henrique Eisenmann, Ehud Ettun,

Tal Gamlieli and Kevin Harris

At The Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA

Festival Ensambles Britanico

 Jorge Roeder, Humberto Amesquita,

Yuri Juarez, Marcos Mosquera, Pepe Cespedes

Lima, Peru

The Jorge Perez-Albela Trio

with Tim Ray and Ebinho Cardoso

At The Theory Wine & Listening room

Andover, MA

Berklee College of Music Master Class in Afro-Peruvian Cajon and music styles with Santiago Paredes

Tal Gamlieli's "Dania"

with Avishai Cohen, Tal Gamlieli & Kevin Harris at The Lily Pad

The Pisco Trio

with George Garzone and Ehud Ettun

In Delfus Bar, Lima, Peru

with Ruben Blades and Danilo Perez 

2013 Panama Jazz Festival

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